Our Original Stemware Rack

The first MFW Workshop stemware rack was born of a simple need: we wanted to display our collection of beautiful stemware in our home, but we didn’t want those cheap, standard issue metal rails in a cabinet or something clunky and heavy. We knew we wanted to focus on showcasing the way light moves through a collection of glass and crystal, but we also wanted to love a stemware rack as much as we already loved the other pieces of fine furniture with which we’d outfitted our bar and dining area. 

Rather than settle, we set out to design a rack for our loft that was airy, minimal, and had an industrial touch that echoed our space. We loved the result-- and so did our friends and neighbors. It wasn’t long before we received requests from interior designers, restaurateurs, and other design lovers across the U.S. and around the world to recreate our stemware racks for themselves and their clients.

Today we offer a selection of custom, handmade stemware racks constructed from fine woods and carefully selected reclaimed materials. Each rack is custom designed and handmade in New England and reflects the attention to detail and commitment to quality we’ve learned from the generations of woodworkers and artists in our family.